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ECE 2014, Forensic entomology session, York 2014, August 3d-8th

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Ikerbasque would like to inform you that we have launched a new international call to reinforce research and scientific career in the Basque Country. We offer:

·         25 positions for Promising Researchers Ikerbasque Research Fellows  

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For further information, use this link: www.ikerbasque.net

You can also contact Marta Saloña-Bordas (m.salona@ehu.es)

New master in Forensic Entomology (UK) (03/01/14)



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EAFE 2014 was held at the Lille Medicine University (France).

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New Forensic Entomology papers 12/12/2013

Boulay, J., Devigne, C., Gosset, D. & Charabidze, D. (2013) Evidence of active aggregation behaviour in Lucilia sericata larvae and possible implication of a conspecific mark. Animal Behaviour, 85(6), 1191-1197. 

Jordaens K, Sonet G, Braet Y, De Meyer M,Backeljau T, Goovaerts F, Bourguignon L, Desmyter S (2013)DNA barcoding and the differentiation between North American and West European Phormia regina (Diptera, Calliphoridae, Chrysomyinae). In: Nagy ZT, Backeljau T, De Meyer M, Jordaens K (Eds) DNA barcoding: a practicaltool for fundamental and applied biodiversity research. ZooKeys 365: 149–174. doi: 10.3897/zookeys.365.6202

Sonet G, Jordaens K, Braet Y, Bourguignon L, Dupont E, Backeljau T, De Meyer M, DesmyterS (2013) Utility of GenBank and the Barcode of Life Data Systems (BOLD) for the identification of forensically important Diptera from Belgium and France. In: Nagy ZT, Backeljau T, De Meyer M, Jordaens K (Eds) DNAbarcoding: a practical tool for fundamental and applied biodiversity research. ZooKeys 365: 307–328. doi: 10.3897/ zookeys.365.6027


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