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ECE 2014, Forensic entomology session, York 2014, August 3d-8th

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NAFEA Annual Meeting, St. Petersburg, Florida

July 14-17th, 2014


Ikerbasque would like to inform you that we have launched a new international call to reinforce research and scientific career in the Basque Country. We offer:

·         25 positions for Promising Researchers Ikerbasque Research Fellows  

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For further information, use this link: www.ikerbasque.net

You can also contact Marta Saloña-Bordas (m.salona@ehu.es)

New master in Forensic Entomology (UK) (03/01/14)



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EAFE 2014 was held at the Lille Medicine University (France).

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New Forensic Entomology papers 30/04/2014

 Bonacci T et al. (2014) The Flesh Fly Sarcophaga (Liopygia) crassipalpis Macquart 1839 as an Invader of a Corpse in Calabria (Southern Italy). J Forensic Sci Criminol 1: 404.

Bonacci T.,  Greco S.,  Whitmore D., and Curcio U. 2013. First data on myiasis caused by Wohlfahrtia magnifica (Schiner, 1862) (Insecta: Diptera: Sarcophagidae) in Calabria, southern Italy. Life: The Excitement of Biology 1 (4): 197-201.

Boulay, J., Devigne, C., Gosset, D. & Charabidze, D. (2013) Evidence of active aggregation behaviour in Lucilia sericata larvae and possible implication of a conspecific mark. Animal Behaviour, 85(6), 1191-1197. 

Jordaens K, Sonet G, Braet Y, De Meyer M,Backeljau T, Goovaerts F, Bourguignon L, Desmyter S (2013)DNA barcoding and the differentiation between North American and West European Phormia regina (Diptera, Calliphoridae, Chrysomyinae). In: Nagy ZT, Backeljau T, De Meyer M, Jordaens K (Eds) DNA barcoding: a practicaltool for fundamental and applied biodiversity research. ZooKeys 365: 149–174. doi: 10.3897/zookeys.365.6202



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