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Ikerbasque would like to inform you that we have launched a new international call to reinforce research and scientific career in the Basque Country. We offer:

10 positions for Senior Researchers: Ikerbasque Research Professors.

 o   Researchers with a solid research track and leadership capabilities

o   The applicants must have their PhD completed before January 2007

o   Permanent contract positions within any of the Basque Research Institutions

o   Deadline: September 10th

For further information, use this link: www.ikerbasque.net

We would appreciate your help in disseminating this information, in case you know about any colleague that could be interested and meets the requirements of the call.



Dear EAFE members,

We are pleased to invite you to attend the 2015 Annual Meeting of the European Association for Forensic Entomology  May 6th-9th at the University of Huddersfield (UK)

Meeting attendees will have many wonderful opportunities to network and exchange ideas and information with colleagues. The program will include a guest speaker, lectures, workshops, board meeting and poster sessions.

The website of the meeting is open here


EAFE 2015 staff is happy to answer any questions you may have about the meeting (stefano.vanin@hud.ac.uk). We look forward to seeing you in Huddersfield!    The organizing committee  



Dear EAFE members, 

The EAFE meeting in Huddersfield is close, and this year, a round of election will take place, as 3 members of the board reached the end of their terms in office (VP Frank Reckel, Stefano Vanin and AM Martin Villet).You can find HERE the manifesto of each candidates . 

A mail will arrive soon with the explanations needed to use the election website.

Be well, and see you in a few weeks in Huddersfield!

Luc Bourguignon

President of the EAFE

New master in Forensic Entomology (UK) (03/01/14)



More information HERE


More information here  


New members

Sylvain AIMAR

from France


New associate members



New Forensic Entomology papers 11/05/2015

  • Magni P.A., Pacini, T., Pazzi, M, Vincenti, M, Dadour I.R. (2014). Development of a GC-MS method for methamphetamine detection in Calliphora vomitoria (L.) (Diptera: Calliphoridae). Forensic Science International, 241: 96-101.

  • Voss, S., Cook, D.F., Hung, W-F and Dadour, I.R. (2014). Survival and development of the forensically important blow fly, Calliphora varifrons (Diptera: Calliphoridae) at constant temperatures. Forensic Science, Medicine and Pathology, 10: 314-321.

  • Magni, P.A., Venn, C., Pepe, F.,Aquila, I.,Ricci, P., Di Nunzio, C., Ausania, F., Dadour, I.R. (2014). Evaluation of the floating time of a corpse found in a marine environment using the barnacle Lepas anatifera L. (Crustacea: Cirripedia: Pedunculata). Forensic Science International, 247: e6-e10

  • Nansen, C., Ribeiro, L.P., Dadour, I., Roberts, J.D. (2015). Detection of temporal changes in insect body reflectance in response to killing agents. PLoSONE 10(4):e0124866.doi:10.1371/journal. pone.0124866


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