EAFE Constitution (last revision june 2019 - MAJ - 16/12/2021)

This Constitution sets out the fundamental principles by which the European Association for Forensic Entomology (EAFE) is governed.


The EAFE is an unincorporated scientific association. Its name shall be “European Association for Forensic Entomology”, also designated under the acronym EAFE.
The postal address shall be :
European Association for Forensic Entomology (EAFE)
c/o Institut National de Criminalistique et de Criminologie
Laboratoire Microtraces et Entomologie
100, Chaussée de Vilvorde
1120 Brussels


The aim of EAFE is to promote the development of forensic entomology throughout Europe and to encourage co-operation with other similar international bodies.
- Objective 1: to promote recognition of forensic entomology as an important component of the criminal justice system.
- Objective 2: to exchange ideas and information within the field of forensic entomology and to foster friendship and co-operation among the various laboratories.
- Objective 3: to encourage a high level of competency in the field of forensic entomology.
- Objective 4: to establish common practices and to promote and maintain the highest standards of practice in applied and basic forensic entomology.
- Objective 5: to stimulate implementation of existing techniques together with research and development of new techniques in forensic entomology.


The aim of EAFE shall be achieved through Membership meetings, open forensic entomology meetings and the work of a Board.


IV-1 Geographical area

Regular Membership shall be confined to citizens from countries belonging to the geographical Europe:
Albania, Austria, Belgium, Byelorussia, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Moldavia, Montenegro, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom. Any person who does not meet this criterion for regular member may apply as an associate member.

IV-2 Eligibility

Membership is on a personal basis. Any qualified scientist or person with a medical or forensic background who is involved actively in the field of forensic entomology or has specific interest in the objectives of the association is eligible to apply for regular or associate membership.
There is the possibility for undergraduates to apply as a student member. By definition, a student is registered full time, or part time and is unemployed. Evidence of student status must be provided. A post-doc position is not considered as a student. At the completion of a student's time of training their EAFE student membership finishes. If the person continues with an interest in the field of forensic entomology their membership can be transferred to a regular or associate membership if they arrange for a letter of support from another EAFE member.
Retired membership is open for those who fulfil the following criteria:
a) have been regular members of the EAFE for at least 5 years,
b) have made recognisable contributions to the subject,
c) have retired from full time employment.
Such individuals will be recommended to the Board for this membership category by another member of the EAFE and will remain as retired members as long as they feel is appropriate.
Applicants have to fill an application form available on the website, sign it and send it by postal mail to the Secretary . Application has to be supported by a letter of reference of a regular or associate member of the association. EAFE ask additionally for agreement of a code of ethics available on the website of the EAFE (see below). Candidature is communicated to the whole board and accepted by a simple majority.

IV-3 Membership list

The Board shall maintain a Membership list with the details of all current members (names, addresses, e-mails), but to appear on the website, you will have to expressly agree with it by emailing the current webmaster

IV-4 Period of membership

Membership remains for an indefinite period unless
a) the member chooses to resign by giving written notice to the President, the Board or the Secretary. After communication to the whole Board, the name and address are deleted off the website (Section EAFE Members).
b) the member ceases contact with the association and board for a period of 3 consecutive years. After communication to the whole Board, the name and address are deleted off the website (Section EAFE Members).
c) the Board chooses to exclude the member due to a breach of the “EAFE Code of Ethics”. A proposal for exclusion may be presented to the Board in writing. The Board will ask the reported member for a statement and discuss the case afterwards. Exclusion of a member is decided by simple majority in the board. The excluded member will be informed by the Board and his name and address will be removed from the EAFE members list.


V-1 The board

The business of EAFE shall be conducted by the following board, which is elected by the regular and student members (see “Terms of Office”) and will consist of at least:
1 President (elected by all regular members).
1 Vice president (designated within the board).
1 Secretary (designated within the board).
1 Treasurer (designated within the board)
and any additional ordinary members as determined from time to time by the needs of the Board
1 Student representative (elected by the regular student members).

Associated board members:
1 representative of the associated members (elected by all associate members)
1 webmaster (to maintain the website of the EAFE). The webmaster must be a regular member.
The associated members of the board have no voting rights inside the board.

The tasks of the President shall consist at least of the following:
- chair all the meetings when present;
- prepare and distribute an agenda for the annual meeting and any other scheduled meeting;
- help the organiser to coordinate lectures;
- help the scientific committee that manage the review of abstracts for the annual meetings;
- inform the members in writing of the date and location of any meeting at least 2 months in advance;
- act as an official spokesperson for the association;
- coordinate guest speakers and programs for the meetings;
- regular participation in the board communications;
- acceptance or exclusion of members;
- revision of Constitution.
The tasks of the Vice-President shall consist at least of the following:
- assist the president in all his duties as stated above,
- replace him/her when the president is impeached for whatever reason.

The tasks of the Secretary shall consist of the following:
- record and provide minutes of the meetings to the chair to be distributed to the Membership;
- maintain an updated list of the Membership; in association with the webmaster;
- regular participation in the board communications;
- acceptance or exclusion of members;
- revision of constitution.

The tasks of the Treasurer shall consist at least of the following:
- the task of the ordinary board members
- managing the finances, under the board supervision
- present annual state of the situation during the member meeting.

The tasks of ordinary members shall consist of the following
- regular participation in the board communications;
- acceptance or exclusion of members;
- revision of constitution.

The tasks of the student representative shall consist of the following
- link with students by exchange of information by Email;
- organisation of a students working group during EAFE meeting;
- regular participation in the board communications;
- acceptance or exclusion of members;
- revision of Constitution.

The tasks of the representative of the associated members shall consist of the following
- representative of associate members;
- regular participation in the board communications.

The tasks of the Webmaster consist at least of the following:
- maintain the website of the Association;
- mediate between visitors of the website and the board by answer and/or forward questions and statements;

V-2 Terms of Office

The president and the board members including the associate members shall be elected for 3 years with a possibility to be re-elected. The applicants for a position on the board must be a member of the association for at least 3 years (1 year for the student representative).

- The board will be elected by the regular member and regular student members.
- The representative of associate members will be elected by the associate members and student associate members.
- The student representative will be elected by regular student members.
- The ordinary board members will be elected by the regular member and regular student members.

The membership will normally be advised of pending vacancies on the board at least 3 months before the election and applicants’ statements will be placed on the website a month before the election period. Election of board members will normally be carried out electronically in a two week period before the AGM and requires a simple majority of the votes cast by the appropriate membership group.
If there is no contest for the vacancies, e.g. where the number of applicants equals the vacancies, ratification will take place at the AGM by a show of hands or a secret ballot.
Election results will be announced at the AGM and published on the website. Any other decision about the EAFE that is submitted to a vote will take place at the annual meetings, and just need the simple majority of the present members. The votes will be expressed by show of hands.

V-3 Dissolution

The dissolution of the association shall only be considered after the application of at least 3/4 of the Members has been brought before the Board.


VI-1 Organization

EAFE Members shall hold an annual meeting. Other meetings may be held provided that the majority of the Membership agrees.

VI-2 Financial support / Fee

: Meetings may be organized with financial support from the Members through a participation fee and from other organizations.

VI-3 Language and Communication:

The language for the EAFE meetings and for correspondence shall be English.
Correspondence between the Members and with the Board Members shall be mostly by e-mail.


All members of the European Association for Forensic Entomology should observe the following principles in the conduct of their professional affairs:
1. Members will offer professional advice and guidance only on those subjects in which they are informed and qualified through professional training or experience. They will strive to accurately represent forensic and entomological understanding and knowledge and to avoid and discourage dissemination of erroneous, biased, or exaggerated statements about forensic entomology.
2. Members will maintain the highest standards of professional practice and remain totally objective so that justice is served by accurate determination of the facts involved.
3. Members will thoroughly examine and analyze the evidence in a case, to conduct examinations based on established scientific principles, and to render opinions having a basis that is demonstratively reasonable.
4. Members will not intentionally withhold or omit any findings or opinions discovered during a forensic examination that would cause the facts of a case to be misinterpreted or distorted.
5. Members will not represent themselves as spokespersons for the Association without express authorization by the President of EAFE and don’t use their membership status while acting as a forensic expert: Membership neither means that a member was proven or certified by the EAFE.
6. Members will not plagiarize in verbal or written communication, but will give full and proper credit to the works and ideas of others, and make every effort to avoid misrepresentation.
7. Members will not represent research results as new if they have been published or submitted elsewhere, or submit a manuscript for publication while it is under review for possible publication elsewhere
8. Members will not fabricate, falsify, or suppress results, deliberately misrepresent research findings, or otherwise commit scientific fraud..